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Cannabis Health Coach

I’ll support you by helping you navigate the world of cannabis/CBD and how to use cannabis/CBD as a health and wellness tool, while providing you with the necessary education about intentional cannabis use, and support you along your wellness jouney! Sessions will include an outline of key health goals that you would like to address through intentional cannabis use, while also helping you navigate the array of cannabis product options, strains/terpenes, and consumption methods to identify the best approach for you! Whether you are new to cannabis and need to learn the basics, or are simply trying to achieve more positive cannabis experiences and/or health benefits of cannabis/CBD, I'm here to help you do that! I will prepare a personalized plan for you using a holistic appraoch that would fit your needs and goals in a safe and comfortable space!

All your cannabis/CBD questions answered! 

Let's do this together!


Vitual or In Person

60 min - $100 

90 min - $150


5 Sessions 60 min - $450

5 Sessions 90 min - $650

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