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Ganja Yoga CBD

Ganja Yoga CBD is sourced from fully permitted, certified organic hemp farms in the United States and Western Europe.

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Soften into a natural state of calm with CBD and some of my favorite adaptogen mushrooms and herbs. Perfect for a restorative yoga class, or any time you need to take the edge off, this is your passport to tranquility. 


Rise and shine! – This zesty blend of CBD and invigorating terpenes is perfect for a morning yoga class, or any time you need a boost of energy. 

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Get your rub on with this fragrant balm, infused with nourishing arnica and comfrey leaf. Massage your stiff muscles before or after yoga, or, really, any time!  

It goes on lusciously and is the perfect way to work out any stresses your body might be feeling. 

Get 15% off Affiliate discount
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