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              Cannabis Enhanced Yoga

The combination of cannabis and yoga is an ancient holistic practice that combines intentional cannabis use with slow and gentle yogic postures and breathing to promote healing, insight, self-discovery, integration, and more!


I will facilitate you on your healing journey by holding a space that feels safe and comfortable for you to explore the combination of conscious cannabis consumption and yoga. 

Historically speaking, pairing cannabis and yoga dates back several thousand years, so it's nothing new.
Scientifically speaking, as plant medicine, cannabis helps with chronic pain, inflammation, tight muscles, depression,mood, PTSD,and more.
Yoga improves strength, balance, flexibility, stress management, mental and physical health and more.
Combining the two, brings about profound changes physically, mentally, and spiritually, that could lead to a better quality of life and an overall sense of peace, joy, and well-being!




~ Rewire your system and break free from unhealthy subconscious patterns that hold you back from living your optimal life, so that you can be more receptive to healthier life patterns, love, bliss, and fulfillment.

~ Release and make peace with your pain, trauma, and suppressed emotions like guilt, fear, and other unresolved feelings.

~ Renew and bring harmony to your mind, body, and soul. This state of balance helps you easily shift your system to a heightened sense of clarity and inner peace.

~ Restore your body‘s natural ability to heal and live your fullest life.

You will learn how to…

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Kind Words

"Sharzad is an amazing being of light. She is welcoming and accepting of all levels of yoga. During her class she teaches us to take time to connect with our higher self through conscious breath work and slow grounding poses, which open us to the power within ourselves. I've done her yoga class 3 times so far and every time I am able to carry the practices of breath and relaxation throughout my day to day. She has brought color back into a world that has grown too comfortable viewing everything in black and white at surface value. She shows us how powerful we are, and at the beginning of every yoga session we are able to come together as a group of strangers and develop friendships with like-minded individuals. Sharzad has helped me learn how to live a life of gratitude and strengthen my connection to spirit, and for that I can't thank her enough. She is truly a blessing to the South Bay."

- AR -

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